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Medical Acne Treatments


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Microdermabrasion Appointment
Ok, so I broke down and scheduled a series of microdermabrasion appointments after my disappointing findings of the thermage procedure. Along with my home microdermabrasion kits, I think this series will add what I’m looking for as far as quick results for the acne scarring on my chin as well as the forming crow’s feet around my eyes.

The appointment went fine, my face is still a little irritated today and red, and my skin looks worse (which they say is normal for the first few days), but all in all dare I say I think I see a softening in my crow’s feet already? Maybe it’s just swollen a little, we’ll see.

I’ve been advised to strictly avoid sun exposure to my face since it is ultra sun-sensitive now because the outer layer was just removed which provides a lot of sun protection naturally. I’ll keep you posted. Oh yeah, the cost of the series of 6 treatments was $600, so this is not a cheap way to combat scarring and wrinkles, I just happen to have the free cash to do it now – but this won’t be a constant thing, that’s for sure!

Oh, and the one thing that you must be aware of if you get Microderm professionally done, they will pressure you to buy the skincare products along with it – I got suckered into spending an additional $98 on skincare that I probably don’t even need, since I’m happy with what I’m using now, and don’t need MORE skin products to clog up my bathroom, but oh well!


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