Health Care Laser Treatment - Maybe Not as Good as We...

Laser Treatment – Maybe Not as Good as We Think?


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As I was saying in my last post, the lady who does my microdermabrasion sessions seems to know her stuff, and she gave me a somewhat so-so opinion on the effects of lasers in all kinds of things like hair removal, acne scar removal, acne treatment, resurfacing, and the barrage of other uses that lasers can be utilized to treat or create a desired outcome.

She told me a couple of stories about laser treatments that didn’t work for some of her clients:

One guy had paid about $8,000.00 to have all of his back hair removed with a laser, and after several treatments, his hair is still there.

A woman had rosacea and went in for several laser treatments, they did not work at all for her.

Another client went in for laser scar removal and said it was so painful they couldn’t bear to go back, and so decided to come and get an aggressive Microderm on it instead to smooth it out.

I agree that lasers may work for a lot of people, but I think you have to be careful who you go to, and not to have too high of expectations. And don’t spend a huge amount of money unless you can afford it, because laser treatment for anything is never guaranteed to work.


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